Slots in online casinos are one of the most fun, engaging, and thrilling gambling entertainments on the internet. Initially, slots appeared as a virtual reinterpretation of classic slot machines where simply lining up three identical symbols was enough to get a payout. Over time, slots evolved into unique games with well-thought-out plots, stunning graphics, and generous bonus features. Nowadays, you can find thousands of games in online casinos dedicated to various themes – mythology, popular movies and TV shows, adventures, wildlife, and much more.

When choosing the right slot machine in an online casino, inexperienced players often face difficulties and agonize over the choice. We have prepared a brief overview of the key features in slots that will help you make the right choice and find the perfect game.

Main Bonus Features in Slots

  1. Free Spin Rounds. One of the most lucrative features of slots is the opportunity to win a series of free spins. By collecting a specific combination of symbols on the reels, players can activate a cycle of free spins. During the free spin series, funds are not spent from the deposit, while the player gains the opportunity to win the most generous prizes.
  2. Bonus Rounds. Many slots in online casinos offer players the chance to multiply their winnings. After each successful spin, players are offered a choice – take the winnings or try to double them. If a player chooses the doubling option, a bonus round is triggered in the slot, during which the gambler is offered to guess the suit or color of a card – red or black. A correct answer doubles the winning amount, while an incorrect guess results in losing the money. You can play the bonus round until the first mistake – thus, players with good intuition can significantly multiply even modest prizes.
  3. Jackpots. Perhaps slots with the opportunity to win a jackpot are the most popular. Jackpots can be fixed or progressive. A fixed jackpot is a certain amount that is played out among players within a certain period, for example, once a month or once a week. A progressive jackpot is formed from part of players’ bets and can reach colossal values. Winning a jackpot is a relatively rare event; if you want to increase your chances of success, choose slots with smaller but more frequently played jackpots.
  4. Scatter and Wild Symbols. Wild and scatter symbols are special symbols that can activate bonus features and affect the gameplay. For example, in most slots, the wild symbol can substitute for other symbols, integrate into winning chains, and increase their value. Several scatters on the reels activate bonus rounds or series of free spins.
  5. Additional Multipliers. Also, in slots, you can encounter additional symbols that multiply the payout amount. You can catch multipliers by spinning the reels.

Additionally, when choosing slots, pay attention to volatility and the return to player percentage. These parameters allow you to judge how often payouts occur in a slot and what degree of risk awaits the player. The return to player percentage is a statistical indicator that shows what percentage of all bets is returned to players as winnings. The higher the return to player percentage, the more profitable the slot is for players.

Volatility determines the degree of risk and the size of potential winnings. For example, in low volatility slots, players will win more often, but the winnings will not be high. Thus, low-volatility slot machines are considered less risky for players. High-volatility slots, on the other hand, imply significant risk – winnings in them are rare but pleasing in size.

We hope that our overview of the main features of slots will help you choose the right game. Good luck!

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