Betting on Sports

As defined by Wikipedia, Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. Basically sports betting is a form of skill-based gambling, where you do not wager your money on random events or just luck, but on the skills of a player on your own skills. Though gambling is banned in most places in India, gambling that is based on skill is not essential considered as gambling and is allowed with rules and regulations set up by the states.

Sports betting includes sports events like cricket, football, hockey, racing events, track and field events, boxing and other combat sports, etc. On a wider scale, sports betting also covers nonathletic events like reality shows, dog shows, animal shows, election results, and even award shows like Grammy, Oscars, etc. The activities where the skills are not of a human, like horse racing or Greyhound racing are also a part of sports betting. 

Is betting legal?

Betting on horse races is allowed by most states in India. But betting on most sports events especially including cricket is illegal. But the law regarding gambling in India is quite old and has many loopholes which are used by different companies. Though you cannot bet in sports events, there is no prohibition on online betting. This loophole can be used by companies not based on Indian soil. The companies need to have their servers in a country other than India to allow betting on sports like cricket.

The major events where online betting is done are the Indian Premier League, Pro Kabaddi League, Olympics, 늑대닷컴, World Events, etc. The more the audience for any event, the more intense is the betting.

Famous Websites and Apps

There are many online platforms, both in the form of websites and mobile apps that are popular in India. The websites include Betfair, Ladbrokes, Bet 365, 10CRIC, etc. A good betting website should be reliable and have clear and unambiguous policies for trust and security. Most websites require you to pay upfront, which means you have to register on the site first and deposit a security amount before placing a bet. 

Many sites do not allow players from India or do not accept the Indian currency. So you should also take care that the sites you visit allow you to play with Indian rupees. The transaction gateways are also different with means like Skrill, EntroPay, Neteller being used for extra privacy. E-wallets can also be used for smaller transactions.

Besides these websites, there are betting apps that are also very popular. The most popular ones like Dream 11 and MPL are commonly used. Dream 11 is banned in 5 states because it is considered a gaming platform. There are more apps like MelBet, BetMate Adda, India Bet Official, etc that allow sports betting.

Sports betting is basically a form of gambling, so all the things true for gambling apply to it too. You should be careful about where you gamble, how do you place your wagers, but most importantly when to quit.

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